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FREE WORKSHOP with Marneta - Relax Kids founder

Would you like to do something to fill you with more joy?

Would you like to make time for yourself - just for you?

Do you want to actually start those creative projects?

Join the colour-filled creative interactive workshop...

bursting with new ideas to kick-start your creative inspiration 

This is suitable for any adult - parents and teachers who feel they want to get unstuck, feel more contented and connected.


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Message from Marneta

I am so happy you are joining me for this taster session.

Creativity is my passion and for the last 21 years, I have loved finding creative ways to help support children’s mental health and make meditation interesting and fun for them.

Now, I really want to help support parents and teachers access their creativity to feel more joyful and positive.


Everyone will receive a gift for joining the workshop

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If you would like to get a new perspective on life, join the workshop and let’s kick start your creativity so you can be creative in every part of your life.

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Can't wait for the workshop?

Here are 7 Super Quick ways to get your creative Spark going.


These exercises will help kick-start your creativity.

You can use these for yourself or your family or at school if you are a teacher.

Rebecca says...

Single mother and executive Rebecca wanted to feel more than a worker ant and more than her to do list. 

After using these creative exercises she said she feels like she has found

“a fantastic oasis in what currently feels like a dystopian desert. A true caravan of creativity, including space to explore what that means and how it can spark all areas of daily life. Inspiring and refreshing, it has given me a fresh perspective on my internal life and the opportunities I have to live more bravely.”

Claire says

I want to do something just for me that doesn’t involve work or being a busy mummy. 

I want to feel like I’m nurturing my creative self,I want to be in the moment more. 

I would love to carve out an unknown piece of creative me.

If you want to be like Claire and build more creativity in your life, sign up to the workshop and we will show you how.